Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bedhead 1992-1998: Unboxing

Earlier today I ordered the complete studio recordings of the lesser known 90's band Bedhead.  The Dallas, Texas pioneers of what became known as Slow Core released 
five LP's during their lifespan. Inspired by my purchases of Numero's earlier reissues of Unwound's Kid is Gone, Rat Conspiracy and Kid is Gone. I became fixated on what 
The Numero Group would come up with next. However, it wasn't until seeing this video that 
I decided to pull the trigger on the purchase. Check out the unboxing video posted below before ordering your copy. Happy shopping. James Damion

"The complete studio recordings by the Dallas, Texas, slow­core pioneers, every cymbal crash, guitar brush, and whisper, across five LPs or four compact discs. Deluxe box includesWhatFunLifeWas, Beheaded,Transaction De Novo, and an additional CD or double LP overflowing with singles, EPs, and outtakes, alongside a perfect-bound book dissecting the quintet’s nervous slouch through the ’90s. The enclosed 40-page book includes 25,000 word essay, previously unseen photographs, poster reproductions, visual discography, and complete lyrics. Deluxe 5LP box is only available here and limited to 2000 copies."

Numero Group  Get it Here

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