Friday, November 14, 2014

NYC Mayhem - For Real!

I still remember first hearing the NYC Mayhem demo at my friend Richie's apartment on 92nd Street in Jackson Heights. At the time, I was trying to come up with a name for a new fanzine I was working on.
Just as Richie, who might have been high at the time, suggested the name "Arf it Up". He dropped a tape that featured a badly drawn figure called 'Speedy' on a green demo cover into the deck.

I can't help but recall my immediate disappointment as I listened to the first few tracks. Having been a die hard fan of the NYC band Straight Ahead and often referring to Tommy Carroll as NYHC's undisputed, best frontman. N.Y.C. Mayhem, a band that predated Straight Ahead by about a year, seemed like a let down at the time.

As I listened to N.Y.C. Mayhem's "For Real" all these years later with, perhaps, a lot more knowledge and appreciation for early 80's Thrash Core. I found as if I was righting some wrongs. And though N.Y.C. Mayhem and Straight Ahead were very different bands with similar roots. "For Real", though many years later, allows me to appreciate both bands on more of a leveled playing field. Though I can't say I really appreciated the March '85 and June '85 demos the A side offered. Side B's June '85 and "For Real" 7" sessions had me in a complete stranglehold.

The 26-track LP "For Real" contains all of NYC Mayhem's studio recordings: two demo tapes and their unreleased "For Real!" 7" that was to appear on Urinal Records. Also includes a 12-page full-color book containing extensive liner notes by Laurent Ramadier of Snakepit Magazine. "For Real" also includes many rare/unseen images. Limited to 500 copies.
This is a must have for Hardcore and Thrash fans alike. A perfect document and time capsule for what was being created at the time. Get yourself a copy before they're all gone.
James Damion

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