Friday, November 14, 2014

Street Smart Cyclist - Discography

"Discography" comes on a one sided 12' LP.  (Yes, I checked the other side of the record and there were no subliminal messages to be found.)
The first press: /1,080; 166 tan, 356 white, 558 light blue
(20 test presses)
The 12 inch record includes everything the band has recorded to date, which is a
7 inches, a tour CDR and two unreleased tracks.

Unfortunately for some, the bands output during their two years of existence was to say the very least sparse.
The records cover itself, only adds to the bands legacy, or in this case, lack of. And while the band finds it's roots and influences in greats like
Cap N' Jazz, Braid and
Boys Life. I don't feel as if they stuck around long enough to carve out an identity all their own.

Despite the bands lack of output. I really found myself enjoying the eight songs presented here and was overall pleased with the how these songs were remastered for vinyl.
Whether you were a fan of the band or any of the ones I mentioned here,
you'll be sure to enjoy this collection of SSC's work. I highly recommend giving it a shot.
James Damion

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