Monday, July 2, 2012

Death By Steamship - Facetious

Seattle Washington's
Death By Steamship is yet another stellar band on the
Whoa Boat  Records roster.
As I'm listening to this three song teaser I find myself hearing influences ranging from Fugazi's experimental sound,
Murder City Devils and perhaps a louder, dirtier Modest Mouse. All of it served up with a heavy dose of grungy bombast and Post Hardcore swagger.
The kind of band that would bring a chainsaw to a knife fight.
The record opens up with the anthemic "Smoke and Sweat". Excellent riffs and carnage which is slightly overmatched by it's drunken chorus. All coming together to conjure up the image of a whiskey soaked singalong in the back of a dark, dirty bar. "Dirty Venetian Blinds" follows with a similar vibe.
"You Need A Special, Specialized, Specialist" brings the record to a close with it's  manic ride. There's a lot of cool elements here that make this my favorite song on the record. Twisting guitars and sludgy drums take center stage here. All in all, it's nice brooding record that's worth checking out. James Damion

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