Monday, January 23, 2012

Images From Killing Horse Records Second Anniversary Show at Maxell's 01/06/12

Though I had originally planned on writing a show review for the Killing Horse Records anniversary show, I just lost track of time. Instead I thought I'd go ahead and post some images and thoughts about the show. This was a not only a night of celebration for a label and the bands that call it home. It was a testament to the fact that we are in the midst of a thriving scene. When Dave and I started this blog I was looking for an energy and inspiration that Unite Fanzine was no longer giving me. At the time I had no idea just how much of that inspiration was about to hit me. Killing Horse Records and The Tiny Giants Artist Collective have given this blog and me personally, the fuel to not only do this, but fully enjoy and look forward to it.

Killing Horse has become a platform for some of the best bands and musicians in the area. 
They've helped foster a scene that continues to welcome new bands and inspire people to get involved and go to shows. They've recently signed the Nico Blues and plan on new releases in 2012 and beyond. The label is also a part of a growing community known as the "Tiny Giants Artist Collective". We look forward to the labels future success and growth. See you all at the next anniversary show.
James Damion
Michael Keefe Cicada Radio
Reed Adler The Nico Blues
Alan Gomez Invisible Lines
Producer Tom Unish with ¡No Pasaran!
Mike (KHR's) matches wits w/ Jay Monaco of Secret Country
The gang's all here

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