Friday, January 20, 2012

Wreaths - Live Maxwells Hoboken NJ 01/19/2012

I saw the Wreaths a few months back at the Asbury Park Lanes in the bands hometown of Asbury Park NJ and I have to say that they completely caught me off guard and blew me away, so when I saw that they were playing my neck of the woods last night I actually got off my old lazy ass and ran down to Maxwells to see if they could impress me a second time around...and I have to say that they definitely did it again.

The Wreaths play a style of rock that I would say draws from classic 70's rock like T Rex, Neil Young etc but they infuse their music with atmospheric keyboards, grooving drums and bass and a lot of excellent guitar interplay between what is sometimes 3 guitarist. Basically, the Wreaths formula is to start out with a solid drum and base line and just pile heaps and heaps of guitar noise on top and then just ride the thing at maximum volume until it can't be ridden anymore.

The Wreaths are in the process of releasing a split cd with Seaside Graves that should be out in the next month or so. The band was kind enough to give me an advance cd of the split cd and I have to say that it is killer, so keep an eye on United By Rocket Science for further details about the cd's release, and catch the Wreaths if they come to your town...Dave G.

Wreaths Facebook

P.S. I've been told that the Wreaths actually have a series of cdr releases planned on Tone Correct Records for the near future with the proceed going towards recording a full length Lp . For specific details you can contact the band at

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