Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Altered Boys - S/T EP

I picked up the Altered Boys when I was down at Baltimore's Celebrated Summer Records a couple of weeks ago.
The records cover photo reminded me of many of the mysteriously faceless bands and records I find on Grave Mistake and
Sorry State Records.
Tasty vinyl I always seem to fall in love with. As I returned home to Hoboken I was happily surprised to see that the band was located so close to home.

Straight up, nasty Hardcore with gruff vocals. Simple, yet thoroughly satisfying record that won't let you down.
Smart, thought provoking lyrics that touch on real subjects such as anxiety and spirituality.
The record nicely follows up their 2011 demo, showing progress while not straying from the original dye. I've seen the bands name on a few upcoming shows and hope to catch them live. This little EP will do just fine for now. James Damion

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