Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Man on Fire - Strange Days Have Found Us

Man on Fire's
"Strange Days Have Found Us" shows a band evolving and coming into it's own. All while maintaining the raw, dirty energy that made it work so well from the beginning.
The new EP build on the promise of  "I Thought All My Friends Were Punk" mixing the Revolution Summer musicianship of bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace with a later, just as influential Moss Icon. To contrast the beauty that is displayed musically on these six tracks are scathing screamo vocals with a more narrative approach than what you might here from other bands representing the genre these days. Brian Goglia's voice is a cocktail that is part whiskey, rusted nails and broken glass. All of which blends perfectly with the more melodic, sweeping tones of the music. Thus making for the perfect cocktail.

Overall, I felt the record left a far more lasting impression than the bands previous work. Each of the six tracks clearly resonates with this listener. With "I don't think she likes the special sauce" and "it brought us together" leaving permanent scars.
A most impressive document, to say the very least. James Damion

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