Friday, October 19, 2012

Don Juan Matus / Oxido - Split Label Split EP

When childhood friend and Wardance Records ambassador of cool Freddy Alva sent this split band/label release. I was thinking about passing it on to the blogs resident Metal expert Dave G. As time passed and Dave and me hadn't crossed paths I realized the task rested solely on my shoulders.

Few splits offer each band the opportunity to display their personal artwork or unique covers.
This split more than accomplishes a sense of individuality by offering a two sided front cover. The artwork for both Don Juan Matus and Oxido are epic in nature and offer a glimpse into what any first time listener is about to experience.

The Basilica Records side features Peru's Oxido "El Angel De La Muerte" (Angel of Death)
A spirited battle cry with it's driving guitars, war machine drums, dark bass and dramatic vocal delivery. Listening to this track had me visualizing a Peruvian Ronnie James Dio riding a horse into a burning forest wearing nothing but a sword and a loin cloth. The songs delivery is just as epic and big as the subject matter. Impressive to say the very least.
The song and the lyrics provided within are in their native language. However, the power provided in the songs delivery does all the translating needed. After just a sampling of this band I immediately headed to the bands site to learn more.

While the Wardance side features a heavy psych, doom Don Juan Matus who slow it down and get downright muddy on the track "Kadath". Punishing riffs matched with dark, haunting drums and bass. Complimented by bluesy, mournful vocals. It's a trip to say the very least.

I never thought I would gain such an appreciation and interest for Metal at this age. If you told me I'd be bowing my head to devilish sounds from the valleys  of Peru; I would have told you to get off the drugs. This record is just the drug I was looking for. Check it out. James Damion

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