Thursday, August 11, 2011

Polyphony: Your Basement Never Sounded this Good.

Polyphony are an up and coming Maplewood band out to prove themselves while setting out on a path to success. They're here and determined to be heard, no matter how much the neighbors complain.
The band, comprised of brothers Marshall (Vocals) and Cameron (Lead Guitar) Davidson are the main songwriters and driving force behind the band while Dylan Reichman, (Drums)
Ariel Golden (Bass)
and Justin Cheang (Rhythm Guitar) round out the band as the essential rhythm and back bone. Dylan with his impeccable timing and Ariel with her driving bass licks give the band a stable and even danceable feel.
Add Justin prolific rhythm and you've got an unstoppable force.
They delivered an amazing set on the night I saw them. The crowd sang along, moshed and banged their heads in unity with the band. It was a thing of beauty. The band played a mix of favorites from 'Rough Cuts' while throwing in a number of new songs that had the crowd on their toes and wanting more.
I had a chance to talk to the band and ask a few questions about the music, high school and finding their way. Here's what they had to share... Shannon Perez

Shannon: What are some of the biggest struggles you've faced
as a young Hardcore Band?

Dylan: Getting through High School, internships and trying to get into college when your band is starting to get big. It's been hard to manage.

Marshall: Trying to get shows. We play a lof of basement shows and I love how close up and personal it is.

Ariel: Getting people to take us seriously. Most people think, "Oh, there just kids".
So getting anything besides basement shows has been hard.

Shannon: What are some of your favorite things about playing music together?

Cameron: The feeling I get when I write a really good part. Writing a really good song and sharing it together for the first time. It feels perfect.

Dylan: I take a lot of pride in what we do. Music is my passion. I don't want to come off like I'm full of myself but it surprises me. The things we come up
with. It just feels awesome.

Shannon: Tell me about the album and what's coming up for Polyphony.

Marshall: We self recorded 'Rough Cuts', something we're pretty proud of. In working on the second album we brought in a producer. We don't have a name for it yet but it should feature twelve songs, all but two being new songs.
Needless to say, we're pretty excited about it. We're looking for a September release.

Shannon: What are some of the bands that influenced you?

Justin: I'm a Manson fan

Shannon: Charlie or Marilyn?

Justin: Both, Charlie had that song 'Eyes of a Dreamer'. I saw Marilyn Manson open for Slayer. A lot of what I come up with is influenced by them.

Marshall: Page 99, Botch.

Shannon: What gear are you using to achieve your sound?

Cameron: Boss Distortion DS-1. A Tuna Melt Dancelectro Tremelo.

Justin: I'm using the same thing but would like to pick up a Loop Pedal.

Shannon: Where do you see yourselves a year from now?

Ariel: Playing more shows and working on our album.

Justin: Hopefully playing really good music and moving up the ladder.

Marshall: I want to continue expanding on what we've created. I hope we all stay close.
We're all still in High School. I'm a Senior, they're all Juniors. My going to college could create problems in determining whether or not we stay together.

Shannon: Where do you see yourself fitting in musically?

Ariel: The New Brunswick scene seems really cool and the people involved are really cool. We just really want to have an influence on the people who listen to and enjoy our music. We want to make those connections that will help us move forward and get more shows.

Shannon: (Noticing Justin's flesh wounds) Do you get more hickeys now that you're in a band. I'm losing count. How many are you currently sporting?

Justin: I'm up to four. I've always been getting them. I'm both a gentleman and a slut.
Ask anyone. They can vouch for me.

Polyphony Facebook

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