Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dark Ages - Can America Suvive? Lp 2011

I have been looking forward to this Lp for quite some time now as I've been a fan of Dark Ages since they dropped their first demo back in 2007, and then followed the demo up with 2 excellent 7"s.

Musically I would compare Dark Ages to current bands like the Omegas and Double Negative in that these bands have a knack for playing music that is all at once hard driving and noisy yet catchy enough to keep you hitting the repeat button...and Dark Ages definitely fit that description.

"Can America Survive?" is definitely an album that will be spinning repeatedly on my turntable, and I also think this Lp will be in my personal top 10 for 2011...Dave G.

Dark Ages - Can America Survive? Lp Purchase Sorry State Records
Dark Ages - Vicious Lie 7" Purchase from Cowabunga Records

Label description and details regarding "Can America Survive? Lp.

"After a couple of great but under the radar 7"s, Kansas City's Dark Ages return with their first full-length and it is a hardcore monster. Eschewing the recent vogue for raw recordings, Dark Ages have nailed a crystal clear, precise sound in which all of the fascinating little nuances hit you with full force. While the pedal is always to the floor, it's the weird little parts--quirky touches that remind one of Die Kreuzen's first LP or Hüsker Dü circa Everything Falls Apart--that really separate this band from the pack. I can think of no other band that captures the angry, alienated, and isolated sound of the midwest better than Dark Ages. Deluxe packaging, including heavyweight, tip-on style sleeves, a 24"x26" poster, and digital download. Mailorder version on red vinyl (ltd. to 150 copies). Sorry State Records"

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