Thursday, August 25, 2011

DamionPhoto and The Gerunds Join Forces.

I was hoping to do a little Q and A with Gerunds frontman Peter Cortner on this Fridays benefit show in Philly but time got the best of me.
Instead I'm posting a flyer Pete made with an old picture of mine. As much as I am a fan of Pete's work with Dag Nasty and the Gerunds.
Pete  has, on a few occasions, noted how much he loves my photography. I guess we've got a little mutual admiration thing going on.
I met Pete outside of a Staten Island bar on Halloween night a few years back.
He was dressed from head to webbed toe as Kermit the Frog and about to perform a set of
Dag Nasty tunes with my friends The Amber Jets.
I was in awe. As I was about to introduce myself and confess how Dag Nasty changed my life he interrupted, "You're James, the Photographer?" "OMG, I read your blog all the time." "Your work is amazing."
It was a surreal, dream like moment.
Especially considering he was dressed as Kermit the Frog. Regardless of all that history I am honored to have my work, no matter how old, raising awareness for Cancer treatment and of course the Gerunds.
Pete and I will get that interview done one of the days. I can assure that. What started as a project has morphed into a full fledged band. They're playing shows much more consistently and should be releasing new material soon.
So for Pete's Sake, keep an eye out for The Gerunds. James Damion

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