Thursday, August 4, 2011

PastPresent - Breaking Out the Classics

In its existence of more than twenty years Revelation Records have released some of the most groundbreaking records while introducing our ears to some of the most essential Hardcore and Underground bands out there. Their footprint on musics landscape is almost immeasurable.
The labels early offerings brought us the likes of Warzone,
Sick of it All, Gorilla Biscuits, Side by Side, Youth of Today, Quicksand, Burn and
Inside Out. Bands that defined Hardcore during their existence and whose influence is still being felt till this day. Looking back it's a wonder something like this wasn't done sooner.

On "Past Present" current and past Revelation bands cover the classic and even more current songs of Past Revelation bands. Looking at the collection presented here, one can only wonder what the process of choosing from a wide array of life changing songs the labels catalog had to offer.

"Past Present" starts on a high note with Sick of it All's cover of the Warzone classic
'As One' and his highlighted by Death By Stereo (Break Down the Walls), Down to Nothing (Where it Went), Countdown to Life (Burning Fight), Capital (Out of Time). Along the way there are plenty of highlights and few low lights. The only notable clunkers on this otherwise perfect homage come from Bold (Searching for the Light) and Mikoto (Back and to the Left.) Overall there are 23 tracks by 22 bands and artists.

Tribute and Cover albums too often fail to achieve their given task but this record more than accomplishes it's rather epic goal. I'd highly recommend picking up a copy.
After you're done be sure to revisit Revelations catalog of landmark releases.
You will be rewarded greatly.
James Damion


  1. This was one of the most pleasurable records I bought last year. Loved reading your review of it. This record works because its just a fun concept and almost every re-imagining of the tracks are interesting. I have to disagree with you on BOLDs Supertouch cover. It rocks.

  2. What made it even more special is that I've been hearing about the concept since it's conception. I did an interview with Jordan Cooper a few years ago and just talking about the project excited me. As for Bold, I was never a big fan of the band or Matt's vocal ability. Funny, considering I really liked
    Crippled Youth. Regardless, I expected a little more from a well respected band who was covering one of the most mind blowing tracks of it's time.
    Thanks a lot for your input Todd.