Friday, February 20, 2015

United By Images; Ben Franklin

Featuring Billy Gray - Vocals/Guitar                     Eddie Garza - Vocals/Bass                                 Adam Copeland - Vocals/Guitar                               and Sarah Tomek - Vocals/Drums.
Ben Franklin were are unstoppable presence on the independent music scene from late 2008 until their break three years later in 2011. The bands fierce Killing Horse Records debut 'Urgency' and follow up 'The Optimist' helped spark the label and a resurgence of uncompromising, balls out Rock. In the two times I got to see them live
(The Brick City Sound Riot and later at the beloved Kearny Irish.) Ben Franklin pulled out all the stops performing as if it were their last days on this planet. Loud, fast, bombast with an unapologetic, in your face style that put everyone in the room on notice. Though their time together seemed short. They managed to win over the respect of fans, bands and promoters. While they are no longer. They're spirit and influence live on. You can still go to Killing Horse Records if you'd like to grab hold of 'Urgency' or 'The Optimist'. I highly recommend you do. James Damion

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