Friday, February 6, 2015

Uniform Choice - 1982 Orange Peel Sessions

Nothing your listening to here sounds remotely close to the Uniform Choice you've come to know, love or hate. Not to say that's a bad thing. No, not in the least. What you get from 1982's Orange Peel Sessions
is a young punk band still in it's infancy.       A band yet to find the sound that made them so influential on the bands that followed their lead.
Though quite rudimentary, the sound itself reflects what was happening in their Southern California at the time.
More Punk than Hardcore and more Adolescents meet Agent Orange than
Minor Threat meets 7 Seconds. The four songs presented here Don't take the car, Non Forgotten Hero, Religion is Recruiting and my personal favorite, War is Here are a nice time piece. The insert included features lyrics, images and a detailed description of the bands early days. While these rough tracks aren't all that impressive. The liner notes themselves, really enhance the overall feeling and purpose of this trip through the past. The record comes on an unspecified  color vinyl. (My copy is orange.)  Get it while it's still old. James Damion

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