Thursday, October 30, 2014

All Eyes West / Easy Creatures - Split 7'

As Chicago's All Eyes West get ready to head out on tour they offer us another sample of what an amazing band they are and have the potential to be. I first came upon the band when they opened for Seaweed at Brooklyn's Bell House in April 2001.
Since then I've been surviving on mere table scraps. Imagine how grateful I was when the latest table scrap, a two song split with Philadelphia's
Easy Creatures.

Once again, Chicago's
All Eyes West show they have but one mission as a band.
That is to forever tease us with these samplings of brilliance and perfection. "Stumble" is a confident three minutes of mid paced bombast that features some awe inspiring leads and progressions from guitarist
Jeff Dean.

Philadelphia's Easy Creatures bring the rock sound to some intense levels. This was my first taste of the band and I can honestly say, they left a lasting impression. The vocals on "Initio" are praise worthy.
Shane Evans provides a nice blend of Rock and Post Core. The high point of the song comes at 2:19 when it feels as if Vic Bondi (Articles of Faith) has stepped into the booth. Really impressive stuff here that reminded me of the many great split EP's that fill my collection. I highly recommend picking up a copy. James Damion

Jump Start Records Get it Here
Easy Creatures   Bandcamp
All Eyes West  Bandcamp

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