Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Street Sects - Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings

Street Sects are an electronic duo who produce harsh/abrasive electronic music that is frighteningly captivating and emotionally disturbing ,but in the best way possible. The thing I dig most about this music is not that it is full of hooks or that it sticks in my head after repeated listens...what I like the most about Street Sects music is the sick feeling that it gives me deep down in the pit of my stomach, and this emotional connection is what keeps me coming back for more. If your're an adventurous listener and want to hear something different and emotionally turbulent then I suggest you give this 7" a listen asap...Dave G.


This is the second 7" in a 5 part series of 7" releases that are scheduled for release between now and 2015. Check out my review  of  the 1st 7" in this series Here.

Street Sects

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