Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back Off / No Mistake Split EP

Mike Bromberg is a good egg. One who seems to think my opinion is worth checking in on every now and again. Being that Mike checked in with me and a select few on everything from the bands name to the songs and even the cover designs.
I was somewhat saddened to find out the bands lifespan would be such a short one.
Both bands exhibit a raw style prevalent in the sound of many of Hardcores early band.
Both No Mistake and particularly Back Off play use the "Loud, Fast, Rules" playbook to deliver their brands of Hardcore. A style I've always appreciated more than the Metal influenced bands that dominated the genre after 1985.
No Mistake and Back Off both manage to squeeze six songs on to their respected sides of this EP. Not a moment to spare when delivering the goods. A complete package, from the music to the graphics and the slate gray vinyl. The inlet also feature lyrics.
This way you'll know exactly what their screaming about. Though No Mistake are no longer. They left us with more than mere leftover. As for Back Off. Well, their still kicking and screaming. Snag a copy while there's still copies to snag. JD

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