Friday, September 13, 2013

Ola Madrid - My Fear is to be Forgotten

During the week of the release of their new five song EP
'My Fear is to be Forgotten', West New York's Ola Madrid announced they were breaking up. It's as if some A&R genius came up with the most twisted and sinister plans ever.
"They won't know what hit 'em." "We'll make millions."

Ola Madrid perfectly mix different styles and sounds that in essence allow the band to stand out without relying to heavily on genre specifications. Call it what you want. The dual vocals of guitarist/singer
Dylan Young and
Oscar Bamaca guitar/screams make for a brilliant mix.While the bands songs are both authentic and memorable.
Whether it be progressive, post, past, alternative or anything else they've come up with these days. Ola Madrid's music speaks for itself and 'My Fear is to be Forgotten' shows such.

Time will tell if this is indeed a break up or just a much needed break. Regardless of what the future holds for Ola Madrid the band has left a nice footprint on New Jersey's musical landscape. One that should assure they will not soon be forgotten. James Damion

Ola Madrid  Bandcamp

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