Friday, September 13, 2013

Two Strike Mark- Just Like My Friends

Upon hearing the term "Acoustic Punk" in the bands introduction.The temptation to hit the delete key or respectfully reply "Thanks, but no thanks." immediately came to mind. However, in my experience I've found that being open minded and accepting of different things can lead to rewarding experiences. Asbury Park's quartet Two Man Strike proved my instincts right with their debut release
'Just Like My Friends'.
The bands sound draws influence from early Blink 182,
Green Day and even
Saves the Day.
Two Strike Mark manage to deliver a record that blends a sense of warmth and vulnerability with angst perfectly. Produced by former Front Bottoms touring musiician  Drew Villafuerte. The aforementioned bands footprints are especially evident  on 'Good Times, Great Times, Florida' and 'Pigeonhole Principle'. 'Just Like My Friends' just might be the best surprise I've had this year.
James Damion

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