Friday, September 13, 2013

All Sensory Void - Psychedelic Syd and the Recklessly Abandoned

When Eric Goldberg sent me his latest musical output I couldn't help think back at the void that was left on Jersey's musical landscape when his band The Nico Blues, without much of a warning, fell silent, being that the band played such a large part in this blogs history through reviews, numerous images and an interview. Strangely enough, when hearing about the first release from one of the bands original members and key contributors, I wasn't exactly setting up a tent in order to be the first in line to review it.
In hindsight, maybe there was a need to be in a specific mindset that would allow these ears to listen without the many daily distractions that have the mind and ears running in varied directions.

When listening to All Sensory Void one can't help but be swept away by the laid back tones and sweeping harmonies. Overall 'Psychadelic Sid and the Recklessly Abandoned' has a warm and comforting feel  that never comes off as dull or flighty. Eric brings a lot of the songwriting quality that made The Nico Blues so enjoyable. James Damion

All Sensory Void  Bandcamp

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