Thursday, June 25, 2015

Archie Alone Headline Montclair's Home to Both Local and Touring Bands.

As I made my way downstairs and towards the stage where Trenton's The Wailing Kids were about midway through their set.
The bands eclectic mix of dream pop meets sweaty emo played well to the intimate, yet enthusiastic crowd. There was a small, yet notable crowd of rhythmically challenged girls gathered in front of the stage, dancing in somewhat of a comatose state. As the band sequenced from one song to another I became drained, realizing this was about as far from my liking as musically possible. While I would never go as far as saying they were any less than enjoyable to those in attendance. I can assure you. It wore on me quickly.
The Wailing Kids

Upon arrival that night.  I grilled my friend about the bands on the bill. Having no prior knowledge of any of the bands on the bill with Archie Alone.
I was a bit curious. Immediately, her eyes popped as she mentioned Help Me Help You. "You gotta see this band." "You'll definitely like them." Thanks Ana, you know me too well. Standing at the corner of the stage as the band began to set up. I noticed not one, but two members sporting Title Fight tees. My night was about to get better. A lot better. Just as soon as the band launched in to it's set. Any anxiety or regrets of leaving the house that night vanished in to Montclair's thin air. Help Me Help You were just what Ana had promised.  The band's sound and approach quickly reminding me why, at an age where many are reaching for the latest issue of Golf Digest or a Viagra chaser. I'm still seeking out new music, venues and sounds.
Help Me Help You

Following Help Me Help You was MA's Snowhaus. And while common descriptions of sound, approach and overall execution might currently evade me. Going back to my initial thought
"This is Apeshit crazy good." might have to suffice. Boundless energy with a spirited delivery breaks down the walls of any preconceived notions of look or sound. While local comparisons to our beloved Front Bottoms. The bands overall approach might even draw influence might find inspiration in older acts such a the oft celebrated They Might Be Giants and the influential Maryland act Half Japanese. All influences aside. Snowhaus left a lasting impression on me. One that has me hoping their next visit to the garden state is sooner than later.

Headlining the night were local favorites         Archie Alone. Fresh off their recent four song EP Through the Door. See Review Here and a fist full of shows I was unable to attend.                        The mere presence of the band was both a site for soar eyes and a welcome gift for curious ears. While it would be hard to heap any more praise then I already have on this band. It goes without saying that they've single handedly rescued the term EMO from the teary eyed preteens and eyeliner goth toys that made Hot Topic popular and EMO unlistenable in the early to mid aughts. Emotional yet unflinching. Archie Alone mixes deeply cathartic vocals and lyrics with metallic guitar riffage and a thunderous rhythm section.     If memory serves this old curmudgeon.               My last experience seeing the band live was also vocalist Nicole Mesce's debut doubling as singer/rhythm guitarist. At the time, I wondered how it would effect her live performance.
With mere inches separating us just months later. The transition now looks to have gone off seamlessly. Overall, their set was a healthy mix of older material and that of what's featured on Through the Door. Music that makes you want to listen, sing along with and support wholeheartedly. Well Done.
Archie Alone

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