Friday, June 19, 2015

H20 - Live August 19. 2002 - The Bowery Collection

While it's hard to digest the fact that H20 have been a Hardcore staple for over twenty years. The fact that the band are considered by many to be legends of the genre is an even harder pill to swallow. Too each their own I guess. Having seen the band a handful of times in their early years. H20's energy, passion and take on positive Hardcore cannot be questioned.          I can't go without praising Toby's boundless energy and dedication to the music and the message. He is, after all is said and done. A hyperbolic chamber of endless energy and charisma.

That said, I never found the bands sound, music or songs to be anything more than formulaic and somewhat cartoonish. Strange, considering I own every record they've ever put out.

While no one can question H20's dedication to Hardcore, it's history and it's sustenance. I don't see any good reason to drop a hard twenty on what usually serve as bonus tracks on most albums. The soundboard quality at CBGB's was always worth praise and the sound is very good comparing to many live albums. However, considering 2002 "The glory days of Sunday Hardcore matinees at CBGB''s" as posted on  Revhq. might be one of the greatest over statements in promotional history. "Live August 19 2002" features the entire 16 song set. If you were there and want to relive the past. Go for it. If you weren't. You shouldn't really care.
James Damion


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