Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something About Death or Dying - Demo 2010

My initial thoughts upon listening to this demo is that it sounds like Converge/Doomriders, or a band that would be right at home on Deathwish Records, and while this sound has been done to death in recent years, "Something About Death or Dying" manage to keep the music interesting, and bring so much pure energy and emotion / anger to the table that I can't help but find myself completely enthralled in these songs.

"Something About Death or Dying" hail from my hometown of Jersey City NJ, yet I have somehow managed to be completely ignorant to their existence until my boy James dropped this demo on me a few days ago. Hell, if I knew there were bands this good in Jersey City I would get off my ass and go catch some shows, and I suggest you do the same if "Something About Death or Dying" come through your town...Dave G.

Something About Death or Dying:

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