Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Pasaran - Porter In The Making 7" 2011 Killing Horse Records

No Pasaran - Jersey City NJ
Killing Horse Records
Purchase "Porter In The Making" seven inch ep

No Pasaran has been steadily building a name for themselves on the NY/NJ indie/punk scene for the past 5+ years, and I can only hope that their current momentum will carry them on to record and release a full length lp very soon because their brand new 7" ep "Porter In The Making" definitely leaves this listener wanting more.

"Porter In The Making" is one excellent slab of post punk influenced vinyl that is bursting with jagged yet angular guitar rhythms, rock solid drumming and enough hooks to keep you coming back for repeated listens.

No Pasaran is also not to be missed live. I saw them a few nights back (see review below) and they are simply one of the best and most energetic bands out there today.

So in closing I highly recommend you purchase a copy of "Porter In The Making" from Killing Horse Records, and the next time No Pasaran comes through your town get off your ass and show them some love...Dave G.

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