Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ardmore Assault - Philly Punks Make Good.

I met Ardmore Assault a year ago when I traveled down to Philly with the band GO!. That night the band played a wild set at a trashed house called The Terrordome. I spent the rest of the night talking with their singer Jake and drummer Cassidy. We formed a quick friendship and almost a year to date I had them booked for ABC No Rio's final matinee.
Ardmore started when three friends decided to form a band all the way back in grade school. Jake, Pierson and Cassidy were already being influenced by the sounds that were coming out of their area of Ardmore. (Bands like Flag of Democracy, Paint it Black, Lungfish,
Kill The Man That Questions and countless others from their area all had their hands in helping the band find its sound.
After a short stint as 3 O’ Clock Bad Guys with Jake taking duties as both the singer and bassist. The results were less than stellar. Meeting Andrew “A kid with a goofy accent who could play bass” seemed to be the missing piece and the cement to form Ardmore Assault. With a sound that mixed Black Flag, Infest and A.O.D. they were on their way. Feeling the need to have something representative of their sound and raw approach they rushed into the basement to record the infamous cassette demo. Though they are eager to admit it was rushed and not the best way to get their stuff heard. It definitely shows a band who seems at is best in a small intimate setting such as a house or basement show. Thus far the band has mostly played shows around the Philly area and played with bands like World Inferno Friendship Society, Citizens Arrest, Mind Eraser and Common Enemy. They’ve also made it up to NYC supporting GO! for the final matinee at ABC No Rio. On that particular day they helped start demolish the aging LES structure with a stellar set of piss and vinegar.
When I spoke to the band that night they seemed as close as ever but hinted that changes could be coming soon. Let's just hope that they haven't outgrown one another just yet. In the meantime check them out live or better yet, book a show for them. James Damion

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