Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Night Out with The Nolan Gate

While the future of United By Rocket Science may be in question, there are times when I feel it necessary to post material relative to Dave and my exchanges and experiences.
This past Saturday was just such an occassion when our friends The Nolan Gate played a rare show at Warwick, NY's Tuscan Cafe. The long running Nolan Gate which features old friends
Tom Farkas - Bass, Growls, Paul Andres - Guitar, Vocals and Dave's brother
Darin  - Drums have quietly been making deafening noise for decades under their current moniker and their original namesake Mothman.

The Tuscan Cafe quickly began to swell as my wife and I finished our respective burritos. As the band assembled I found myself surrounded by friends, family, loved ones and complete strangers. Before the night was over. I was most happy to hear how my wife, 
(A woman I originally found common ground with through our mutual love for Slayer, Motorhead and other Gods of noise.) remarked on just how good it was to see our friends gathered at The Nolan Gate .Separately, Tom, Paul and Darin are some of the best musicians I've lent my heavily damaged ears too. Together, they form on of the best trios out there. Loud, Heavy and very, very necessary. Below is documented evidence of this rare occurrence. J.D.

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