Friday, July 18, 2014

Collapse - Apocalyptic Key EP

I first came across the band Collapse back in July of 2013 when I saw their name on a local Hardcore bill. At the time,
I couldn't help but wonder if it was a reunion of the short lived NYHC band featured on
Freddy Alva's New Breed Compilation. After seeing Detroit's Collapse on that sweat drenched July night, I learned different. As luck would have it, they had no relation to the aforementioned band of the same name. After witnessing their emotional and sonically ear shattering set that night and taking home their artfully packaged "Disarm" demo. I was more than happy to find out it wasn't a decades past band trying to relive their salad days.

During the year that has passed. I've heard very little about a band I gained an instant liking to. That was until I noticed a posting from the bands drummer Matthew Cross.

The bands sound reminds me of what would happen if Henry Rollins era Black Flag met up with New York Anarcho Punks Nausea to give Amy (Nausea) singing lessons. Though often sung in a screamo style. Ashleigh's vocals are never over the top or grinding. A trait that often makes so many screamo acts unlistenable. Though the seven songs featured on "Apocalyptic Key" are dark, somewhat dooming and ultimately, apocalyptic. A lot can be said for what's happening musically. Great leads, dark bass lines and punishing percussion more than compliment vocals that are delivered with passion and urgency. With song titles like
"Inside the Monster", "Infimary" and "Skulls". You pretty much know what you're getting in to. My advice is "dig deep and get dirty". This is definitely worth getting dirty over.
James Damion

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  1. THANKS JAMES!!! You're the best! -ashleigh/collapse