Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unite Webzine Calls it a Day

Last night I cancelled my 
Mac Highway account, thus ending Unite Fanzines online presence. The decision was a long time coming with a number of issues contributing to the decision. This is not to say that the original Unite won't return in some form at one time or another. I just felt that the site, it's layout and focus were outdated and did not represent who or where I am today. I'm very proud of the Fanzine's history and the interviews 
I conducted during the websites existence but it was time to move on. If you're a fan or just an occasional visitor to this blog you may have noticed I've reposted some of my favorite 'Unite' interviews with updated content and images. 
I plan to continue doing so in the near future. Thanks to everyone who supported Unite since it's inception in 1988 as a print zine. It's been a lot of fun. To quote my good friend 
Ken Salerno, "Over and Out" James Unite

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