Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Poor Lily - Dirt On Everyone 2016

Sorry James, but I got a record in the mail from Poor Lily a few days ago and I need to review it because it is a ripper.

Poor Lily first caught my attention a few years back with their Lp Vuxola which was a whirling dervish of what sounded to me like the Minutemen and Dead Kennedy's getting together for a heavy jam session. On "Dirt On Everyone" , Poor Lily keep that same intensity going but to my ears they sound even heavier and meaner, and I like it.

Anyway, click the link below and check Poor Lily out asap, they kick ass and deserve your attention....Dave G.

Poor Lily

I'm dating this post August 3rd in order to put the blog back to sleep, however Dirt On Everyone is available as of 10/2016 at the above link so check it out!

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