Friday, April 17, 2015

Fury - Kingdom Come

Smashing, bashing, the drums they go crashing and within seconds the gates open and the dogs are running loose with the rabid tooth. And while that silly little intro may sound a bit silly. That perfectly describes how quickly Fury's highly anticipated debut EP.

What you get are five tracks Royalty, Reality Check, Holy, End is Nigh (It's Time) and Kingdom Come. Fast, fierce and above all thoroughly impressive. While these tracks move forward in the blink of they eye. Each leaves an enduring foot print.
While I definitely felt a big
Title Fight / Stick Together vibe here. California's Fury to me, sound even more original, if not more advanced. I could swear I'm hearing the ghosts of 80's Youth Crew bands on Holy. And while I wouldn't go as far as saying their ode to NYC legends Breakdown on the title track Kingdom Come was intentional. It certainly brought back memories for me. The record itself is released by Triple-B Records, comes on color vinyl with a digital download card and features a gatefold inlet with images and lyrics for each song. Being that this record was a mere add on to my recent order from RevHQ.
It's rewarding knowing just how good this is. Maybe I need to start playing the lottery again. James Damion

FuryHC Banndcamp
Fury RevHQ

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